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Just £5 could get you an ‘in-house chef’ for your next dinner party!

Ex-chef Simon Rhodes, proprietor of The Lobster Pot fishmongers, who worked with Angela Hartnett and trained at Rick Steins, is offering himself as the first prize in a raffle to raise funds for the Fishermen’s Mission this week for a national fundraising initiative called Fish Friday on 22nd June.

To encourage participation in this annual fundraiser to support British fishermen and their families, a children’s drawing competition also runs throughout the weekend at Cobbs Farm Shop. Paper and Crayons are supplied and the drawings will be on show. Names go into a hat to win one of a selection of more child-friendly prizes and all the children will go away with a few of Simons’s fresh fish fingers for their supper.

Passionate about British fish, comments Simon, “Our fishermen risk their lives every day just to earn a living and it saddened me recently when two young men from Dorset died in heavy seas. “Much of my shellfish comes from that area and I wanted to do something to help. This fundraiser is the main source of income for the fishermen’s missions who help fishermen throughout the UK, so it made perfect sense to do something”.

With all proceeds of the raffle going to the fund, suppliers have also come up with some prizes in the form of a huge whole Cod and a selection of fresh mussels and other fish and shellfish according to this week’s catch.