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We have some Halibut, Turbot, Beautiful Cod, large Monktail, rope Mussels, Clams, Cockles, and Haddock all super fresh from the Cornish and South Coast.

There has been news of Mackerel being taken off the ‘ok to eat’ list as shoals have drifted north to Icelandic waters leaving a diminished supply for us southerners. This is causing concern for the availability of Mackerel to the large commercial industries.

Rest assured that our fish are from sustainable sources and, where possible line caught. This emphasises the necessity to make sure that our fishing boats are around for future generations…so… Keep Supporting your Local Fishmonger

Boost your Brain - As you may already know, Mackerel, Herring, Sardines, Salmon, etc. are fish which are particularly high in Omega-3 oils. Perfect for improving kids brainpower and helps them to concentrate better in class. Why not encourage your children to eat more seafood? It could give them the advantage at computer games!

Winter Comfort - Now that we are in the throws of winter, hearty food continues to be on the menu with fish pie being a popular and economical choice. Alternatively, how about making a fish chowder or a kedgeree using Naturally Smoked Haddock. All easy to make – yummy!

Weight Loss - Not only is seafood delicious to eat it is also one of the lowest fat forms of protein and minerals. Eating lean white fish will keep you at the right weight, boost your immunity and convert food into energy. Keep up with those new years resolutions; it's all about the right food as well as the right exercise plan.

Inspiration can be obtained at The Lobster Pot and is free of charge!

We also make our own fishcakes! They're extremely popular and don’t hang around for long, so call us and reserve some for collection.

Our dayboat fish is delivered fresh every day, so availability and selection can change daily.